Omphalos Logo

Our Mission

Combatting and addressing human trafficking of children through simultaneous systemic change, rescue missions, awareness building and survivor empowerment.

Omphalos arose out of the need for increased flexibility, ongoing innovation, and the utilization of a variety of lenses in both understanding and combating the various multifaceted issues impacting society today.

Engaging, and growing, an international support system, housing some of the best and brightest in a variety of fields, Omphalos is able to identify problem areas quickly and elicit feedback for solutions from various constituents, leading to multidimensional solutions for multifaceted problems.

According to ancient mythology, Zues sent two eagles in separate directions in search of the center of the Earth, known as the Omphalos. Only when these eagles intersected could Omphalos be known and identified, much like only when a variety of viewpoints are elicited can this organization engage in shaping social outcomes.

One way in which Omphalos is currently driving social change is through state specific Child Rescue DBAs focused on combating the trafficking of children. Through our unique multidimensional approach we have identified three core pillars for lasting societal change in this realm: Prevention, Protection, and Nurturing. In our work with key stakeholders in each state, we are able to flexibly meet state-specific needs under each pillar simultaneously.