School-Based Programming for 2022-2023 School Year

The past several years have solidified a general sense of unease and lack of control for many. This has, not doubt, filtered into the psyche of our youth. The multiple stressors and societal pressures our youth face (at any age, but particularly in middle and high school) are innumerable. Many an article, opinion piece, and social media post has been written in the last year identifying a growing mental health crisis for American youth.

In times like these, Omphalos’ three pillars loom large. Preventative measures meant to buffer our youth, or identify their needs prior to a crisis, are needed just as much, if not more, than reactive interventions after the fact. We are aware that many schools do not have the resources (in terms of both manpower and time) to engage in this much needed preventative work. From this awareness grew our two school-based programs, meant to not only identify potential concerns, but also to provide clear recommendations to not only the school, but to parents and community supports as well:

Resilient Reset: School wide mental health screening program
Resilience and Empowerment Program: Psychological assessment and targeted report for students identified as most in need of individualized supports