Resilient Reset

In the last three years of uncertainty and unrest, our youth have experienced an environment of consistent change. Such an experience has been labeled by many as a collective trauma, with numerous mental health experts indicating that a secondary wave of mental health concerns is inevitable. While each individual youth has undoubtedly experienced these last few years differently, it is likely few have gotten through without some feeling of increased stress or decreased mood.

As schools enter into the 2022/23 school year, take stock of the impact of the previous few years, and consider what may be needed in this upcoming school year, Omphalos would like to help. Through our Resilient Reset program, we would like to offer your school or district the opportunity to engage in awareness building, mental health screening, and targeted consultation at a fraction of the cost of similar programs. This discount is made possible by generous donations from our community of care.

The Resilient Reset program is customizable to your school or district’s needs in terms of topic (covid stress, stress in general, anxiety, depression, or general well-being), delivery (remotely, in person, or hybrid), and scope (psychoeducation/ awareness building, screenings, flagging concerns, and/or consultation about results). Sit back as our experts provide unique, targeted, and developmentally appropriate psychoeducation to your students in an engaging way. Gain valuable insight into your student body, as well as individual student needs, through scored screening measurements and free up your school counselor/school psychologists’ time with parent letters suggesting targeted local support recommendations provided through this program. Finally, thought partner with our clinical director (licensed psychologist and previous special education teacher) in considering next steps in terms of individual interventions and school wide programming. In short, receive social emotional programming tailor made to your school and your students!

Costs begin as low as $2.00 per student for the year (for screener and redflag/pattern identification only).  Year-long basic Resilient Reset program (as shown in image above) cost around $10 per student.  Contact for more information or to request a free consultation call.