Omphalos, often working under the state specific Child Rescue designation, provides educational and skills building trainings for law enforcement, teachers, parents, and students. These trainings are focused on awareness building and red flags of potential trafficking situations.  Trainings can be modified to meet the education, prior training, and needs of individuals and groups.

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In collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, we are able to operate alongside our nations Human Exploitation and Trafficking officers or HEAT teams. Through the provision of cyber security and investigation and intelligence gathering capabilities, we buffer budgetary restraints often experienced by our law enforcement partners.

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The needs of youth survivors, and their caregivers, are as individualized as the youth themselves.  Our Resilience ad Empowerment Aftercare program has been built to be flexible and strengths based, meeting youth and families where they are, and collaboratively identifying what supports they most need in this moment.  

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Community of Care

Did you know:

-An estimated 40% of trafficked youth are trafficked by a family member? 

-The first sexual solicitation most youth experience online occurs at an average age of 11? 

Our youth need a community of support surrounding them.  Want to know how to build a community of car?  Contact us today!

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