Omphalos, often working under the state specific Child Rescue designation, provides educational and skills building trainings for law enforcement, teachers, parents, and students. These trainings are focused on awareness building and red flags of potential trafficking situations.


In collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, we are able to operate alongside our nations Human Exploitation and Trafficking officers or HEAT teams. Through the provision of cyber security and investigation and intelligence gathering capabilities, we buffer budgetary restraints often experienced by our law enforcement partners.



Through the Resiliency and Empowerment aftercare framework, created specifically for Omphalos, child survivors of human trafficking are given wrap around advocacy services at no cost to them or their caregivers.


In addition to the creation of the aftercare framework, we are also in the beginning stages of creating and piloting a digital framework to aid in efficient and seamless communication amongst the many systems at play in the lives of child trafficking survivors.


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